Great Whale Letter Holders





Introduction: Great Whale Letter Holders

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Hi again!
Check out our concrete whale shaped letter holders!

Step 1: Find a Suitable Whale Shaped Mold

In our case we used a pair of silicon based mittens for taking out hot food from the oven. Rubb some cooking oil inside the mitten and por in your favourite concrete mixture (we used an ordinary hobby mixture with no sand). Tap it with your fingers to allow bubbles to float to the surface.

Let it dry for a few days. Don't forget to pour some water on it once a day to keep it from cracking.

Step 2: Remove From Mold

Remove the concrete whale from the rubber mold and glue some sof material under (fabric) or use chair pads-to avoid scratching tables an so forth.

Put a letter in it! Adore the whale coming out of your table with an important letter in its mouth!



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    ingenious. i love it. look like i will follow you for more of the silicone concrete hacks to come. mental note: when I have collected enough "conrete" hacks, i will buy a bag and start doing them all one by one until my kids scream at me, "enough of your conrete idea, dad."

    I agree! If not to hold letters, there will always be an insatiable need for paper weights and door stoppers. Or, you can always call it art.