Great Nursery or Anywhere Fabric Cork Board Squares



Introduction: Great Nursery or Anywhere Fabric Cork Board Squares

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use old cork board squares and fabric to make personal and stylized wall art/organizers. Use these easy to make pieces in a nursery, office or dorm!

Step 1: Supplies

what you'll need;
(I have a pencil pictured but I ended up not needing it, you probably won't either.)
1) fabric; either scraps our those neat fabric squares they sell at the fabric store.
2) a few squares of cork board; mine are old ones I used in a dorm, you can use any size.
3) fabric scissors
4) hot glue gun
5) glue sticks
6) something to create a barrier so you don't burn fingers; I used a ceramic drink coaster

Step 2: Measure

I did mention this was easy, right?
All you need do is flip the fabric with the backside of the print facing up. Lay your cork board on the fabric (since I used the square I inched the board up to the crease) also ensure you have a little extra fabric on the sides as well.

Step 3: Cut

Cut your the fabric while keeping the square in the fabric. You can draw a cutting line with a pencil but I goings it easier to just cut with the square inside.

Step 4: Fold and Glue

Fold the fabric around the square, let the fabric overlap so you can get a right wrap. With your glue gun place a line of hots glue on the cork board then lay the fabric on top of the glue. With your barrier gently press the fabric into the square.
Do this for the other side as well, trimming the fabric of it overhangs too much.
*Tip: let the glue cool just a little before placing fabric on top. The glue will be tacky and won't bleed through as much.

Step 5: Secure the Sides

Trim the sides just enough for them to fold over. Tuck the corners in before gluing, much like wrapping a present. Once the sides are folded in, fold the fabric over, trimming or tucking any extra fabric.

Step 6: Glue

Glue the folded corners down with just a drop on both sides. Fold the fabric over and apply glue on the inside and back of the fabric.
Press down with your barrier, letting something heavy sit on to for a few minutes.

Step 7: Set It

let your project dry and set before using.

Step 8: Decorate

A thin nail can be inserted to hang your project. Display reminders, keepsakes, pictures, etc to spruced up your space.

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