Greek Style Bifteki Burger Recipe




Introduction: Greek Style Bifteki Burger Recipe



200g minced meat

50g feta cheese

Burger bun

a bit tzatziki, cucumber, tomatoes

Salt, pepper & greek spice mix

Step 1: Preparation

Sprinkle salt, pepper & greek spice mix to the minced meat and mix it. Form two patties from the meat and crumble the feta cheese on one of the patties. Lay the other pattie on top and form one big stuffed pattie. Fry the pattie with oil in a medium heated pan on both sides.

Step 2: Finish

Toast the burger bun give tzatziki on it. Then place tomatoe und cucumber slices put the buger pattie between it and enjoy.

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    Tastes also in not so good weather

    Mmmmmm... Now the warm weather can't come fast enough lol.