Greek Styled / Roman Toga DIY

Introduction: Greek Styled / Roman Toga DIY

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this is the finished toga!

I was shooting for a Greek Senator look, hence the Maroon, gold patterned sash.

the arm bands are a 2" gold Luxury Wire edge Ribbon. ( by Flomo )

its has a 2" piece of 3/4" Elastic band connecting the ends of them. this allows some flex for the biceps.

However, it was VERY SCRATCHY , so since then I have sewed a brown cloth liner inside them.

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Step 1:

Step 2: All the Starting Supplies

this is the range of items I collected to create my Greek themed toga. I started shopping at 9 am.

by 2:30 I was finished.

the silk flower vine lurual / Ivy leaf crown:

this was a girls cloth covered head band. I hand stitched the leaves.

I snick in a strip of gold braid I had on hand to GLAM it up some.

I stapled a lot of trim & hems. hand Stitched all else!

Step 3: Greek Toga Shoulder "Clasp"

I used the Gold Braid belt for a Shoulder clasp originally.

I have since used a old "D" ring, (As the belt went to a wizard outfit I am working on.)

you can see the white 1/2" white patterned trim up the front & also around the bottom edge of hem.

stapled in placed & then a running "sloppy" stitch to secure it.

since have bought a sewing machine, & machine zig-zaged it.

Step 4: Halogen Light Pole & Bucket "Dummy"

I used a Halogen light with a bucket on top as my DUMMY.

I draped 3 yards of Parchment Cloth material, sewed 2 diagonal ends to the Ring sic..Shoulder Clasp.

& cinched the center in with a Golden Drapery sash cord.

I adjusted the bottom hem by "eye" stapled it & the white Gold patterned trim on !

I made this in 4 hours!! the Parchment cloth was not cheap! but , the look, soft hand, color were worth it.

I posed with dozens of people at the Cincinnati Panegyri Greek Festival,

I and friends attended this 2016.

Step 5: My Original & Properly Wrapped Roman Styled Toga

years ago, I this outfit , was made outa 23 feet of 54" wide Gold Drapery brocade.

it is correctly wrapped in the old Roman style.

it has a few hidden safety pins & other than that, only the waist cord is holding it on.

HUGE hit at the party!

Step 6: Close Ups of Accesories

Here are are some close ups of the various components,

2 different Crowns.

both are based on Cloth covered Hair bands.

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    3 years ago

    Very nice costume. well done! :)