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Introduction: Green Bottle Christmas Tree

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Looking for a little different Christmas tree this year? Check out this tree made using wood dowels and Perrier bottles!

A year ago on vacation at Walt Disney World, we spotted a really neat piece of art at the Epcot Food and Wine festival. We took pictures and thought it would make a great DIY project one day. That day has come! I (Steph) used it as inspiration for the Christmas tree version I made.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Materials

  • Wood round (Home Depot)
  • (6) 5/8" wood dowels (Craft store)
  • (13) green glass bottles (Perrier)
  • (13) tea lights (Home Goods)
  • Gold paint (Amazon)
  • Glue dots (Amazon)
  • 5/8" spade bit
  • Drill

Step 3: Draw Outline

Mark an outline on the wood round. I drew four lines in a pie grid. Mark 1" up from the edges. This is where the outer bottles will be placed.

Step 4: Mark Inner Bottle Placement

I placed the bottles, then on four of the lines, mark 3.5" up from the 1" mark. This will be for the inner bottle placement.

Step 5: Drill Holes

Using a 5/8" spade bit, drill holes where all the bottles will go. Use a drill or impact driver for this. It's best to do this in the garage and clamp your round to another board or table while you drill.

Step 6: Cut and Paint the Dowels and Wood Round

Cut the 8 outer dowels to 9.5", the four inner to 15" and the middle to 23"

I used a primer on the wood round and dowels.

Then I painted them gold. I used about three coats of paint to get full coverage. You could also use a gold spray paint on this.

Step 7: Place Dowels and Bottles

Once dry, I used a mallet to get the dowels in the holes. The paint made the dowels a little thicker, which worked out well so I didn't need any glue to secure them in place. If they were loose, I would use fast drying glue to secure them.

I added a glue dot to the top of each dowel to keep the bottle in place and then placed the bottles. Next I added a tea light to each and done!

Step 8: Done!

This is going to be my Christmas tree this year and I couldn't be happier with it! The nice thing is, since it's not glued, I can take it apart and store it for next year!

Want to know a quick way to remove the bottle labels? Visit to see how!

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    3 years ago

    Now that is different!

    Looks amazing


    3 years ago

    You ladies are ALWAYS fabulous! ;) Great job.