Green Eggs and Ham

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It wasn't until after the fact, that I found out the ham was also supposed to be green! Haha :D  Oh well, this is how I roll!  It's super easy, just dye your eggs the shade of green that you desire and cook them the way you like, and serve with ham!  It tastes great and it's visually fun to eat!



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    I grew up thinking scrambled eggs were green, my stepmother put spinach in them. I was 12 before I found out they were yellow!

    She also put tofu in our spaghetti sauce, so I grew up thinking it was pink. *shakes head*

    I love spinach but I would not, could not EVER eat green eggs ever again! :P
    Lol still cute though.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Well, that's the beauty of Instructables! :D What you do is read each step, if the idea isn't clear on it's own, and the text fills in the gaps for you. :) Being that this is a contest revolving around family projects, I'll give you an example because you're a curious one.

    Family plans a destination out of state, or closer. They book a room at a motel that is perfect for a weekend stay or longer, because it has a little kitchenette. (Like when my husband and I go to Comic-Con, or back as a child, when my parents took us to Oregon.) Once you've checked in, someone goes to the store and buys the food, returns to the room, puts it in the fridge. The next day, or any other day of the trip, the food gets prepared, the kids are surprised and it goes down in their memory as a magical meal on a fun trip.

    Thanks for asking! :D

    are you talking about the family-activity contest? why not? i would totally make this with my kids if i had any. :(

    I didn't mean to offend you. I just thought this challenge revolved around "Travel" tips, ideas and activities. Good luck to you.

    no problemo! they changed it midway through the contest, to family-oriented things :) don't worry, i'm not a jack-a** ! hahah :D it annoys me too, to see things where they shouldn't be.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe i misted it but how do you color your eggs.
    With food color?
    Spinach perhaps ;-)