Green Energy Phone Charger

Want to charge your phone with wind but don't have any generator or converter? Follow this it's an amazing project!!! (Ps: I'm from Belgium and I use google translate so my grammar and spelling isn't very good)
Here you should use your own creativity.
Go green energy!!!!

Step 1: Materials


2 motors (works as generator)
2 propellers
A PVC-tube (you can choose how big)
Boost converter (from car charger)
electricity wire

Step 2: Propellers

Attach the propellers to the motors/generators.

Step 3: Motors

Drill holes as many motors you have (make sure the holes are big enough for the motors).
Then tape evrything together.

Step 4: Wires

Apply the wires to the boost converter.
Make sure the generators/motors are in parallel not in series.
Now just look at the pictures...

Step 5: Protecting

To protect your project use a little bit of plastic (from a plastic bottle or something else). I did made this strip footrest that I toke pictures, so I remade it.

Step 6: Finished ??

We are going to try this out!! (can only be used when you're in the car or if you use bigger propellers (maybe if you blow hard))
I haven't pictures but I'm sure it works!!!!

I'm 13 years old and from Belgium so sorry vote three grammar/grammatica or something like that.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    motors to be connected in parallet / running? And what should be specifications of motor?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I think that motors resource is very short


    Cool charger idea. When you test it, hook up a multimeter and see how many volts it can output. I am curious.