Black Hairy Scary Spider

Introduction: Black Hairy Scary Spider

 I was trying to come up with an instructable to enter in the Halloween contest when the Pom bottle caught my eye.  It's shape screamed "spider!".  All the materials are things that were around my house.  You don't have to stick to my list, just substitute whaterver you have that will work in it's place.

Step 1: Materials

plastic bottle
fuzzy yarn
1 sock
1/2 of a plastic Easter egg- a small ball would work
spray paint
needle & strong thread/floss

wire cutters
saw- this is my only saw- one with a finer blade would probably be better- maybe a hacksaw? I tried a bread knife as well, but it was about as effective as the saw.

Step 2:

Cut the top of the bottle off at the neck (you can cut it wherever it works best for your head piece). 
Cut the bottom part of the sock off where the heel ends.  You can put the top half back in the scrap bag.  This sock is fuzzier inside so I turned it inside out.  Slip the bottle into the remaining sock half.
Put a liberal amount of glue (I used E6000) around the inside and outside of the neck of the bottle.  Tuck the top part of the sock into the top of the bottle.  Put a cork/small ball/wad of paper/whatever, in the top of the bottle to keep things in place while the glue dries.

Step 3:

Wrap the yarn around the bottle several times where it goes in (the "waist"), and tie off the yarn. Do the same for the "neck".
Glue on the "head" piece.

***I spray painted the head piece while the glue was drying.  I was just winging this project, so didn't paint the leg wires at the same time, as I wasn't sure that the wire I had would work.***

Step 4:

Cut 4 pieces of wire as long as you'ld like the legs to be.  Bend them into a gull wing type shape.  Wrap the 4 wires together at the center with the yarn.  Once you wrap around the center a couple times, go in between the legs a few times to separate them.
I used a round nose pliers to put a little curve at the ends for "feet".  

***I used garden wire for my legs, but wire coat hangers would probably work well too.  If you don't have round nose pliers you can use regular pliers and make right angles instead of curves for feet- or you can just leave them plain.  Shorter lengths of yarn are easier to work with, just tie another piece on the end that's running out.***

Step 5:

Take the legs and center them on the bottom side of the waist.  With the yarn wrap them onto the body, going several times around the waist.
Take a needle and some strong thread or floss and tack the two front and two back legs onto the underside of the body- this will keep Spidey stable.

Step 6:

Turn Spidey on his back.  Put a spot of glue at the top of the leg and several more going down to the foot.  Wrap the leg with the yarn, starting at the top , go down to the foot and come back up again.  Don't wrap too tight or the yarn will flatten out.  Do this for all the legs.
I used some felt scraps to cut out jaw, eyes ( eyes are 3 pieces layered, black, red, black, to get a little volume) and for a spot on the back.  You could draw some features on, use buttons, colored paper, anything - oooh!- human eyes cut from a magazine and glued on would really freaky!  

Step 7: Done!

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    6 years ago

    It's black. Nice instructable anyway, but might want to fix that. :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Jaxton- don't know how that happened! must fix-