Green Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

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I filmed this easy look and used a green colour which i don't normally do but i loved the way this come out. I do hope you like this.

Step 1: Green Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

So first I applied a dark green colour to the outer corner and inner corner of my eye and then with a beige colour I blend out the green by blending this into the crease as a transition colour. I then take a smaller fluffy brush with a tiny bit of green and blend the two corner colours together to create the halo look. Then with a shimmery gold colour I applied this onto the centre of the lid.

Step 2:

Then I go onto the rest of the face. First I apply concealer to the under eye, chin, nose and forehead and then blend this out with a beauty blender. Then with a bronzing powder I apply this to the cheeks, jaw, nose and forehead. Finally with a brown and peach colour blush I applied this to the apples of my cheeks. I then make sure this is all blended by using my foundation brush.

Step 3:

Then with the beige and green colour I blended this on the lower lash line. I then apply my highlighter to the inner corner to help open up the eyes.

Step 4:

Then I apply some mascara to my lashes and then my lashes. This just helps open up the eyes and create a very glamours look.

Step 5:

Then with a brown lip liner I draw on my lips and then apply this all over the lips. Then with a matte brown lipstick I apply this over the top of it. This just help it last a bit longer and makes the lip colour be a bit darker.



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