Green Lantern Ring (simple)

Introduction: Green Lantern Ring (simple)

Hello! Today I am going to teach you how to make a Simple Green Lantern Ring in 5 minutes! ps this is my first instructable pps I am entering it in the toy contest EDIT: I realized you could substitute any color for green and get the other corps for the rings.

Step 1: Materials

You will need simple materials that you can find in the good ol' attic or steal it from your little brothers. - 2 play-doh colors green and white -and a cutting tool (optional but really useful) Ps I used a sewing needle for easy cuts

Step 2: Procedure

Sorry for bad quality this is on my ipod 1. Start by getting the play-doh you need a small white one and a lot of green 2. Get a chunk of green an roll it into a snake shape 3. Get your cutting tool and cut the round edges off for a square look 4. Flatten the snake out with the play-doh container 5. Wrap it around your finger and thick the ring out 6. Get a small chunk of green and flatten it and cut out the green lantern insignia 7. Get the white piece and flatten it out an put the logo on 8. Put it together and let it dry overnight!!

Step 3: Conclusion

Now that you have forged a power ring now go and brag at comic-con or maybe you could battle fear itself?? The possibilities are endless go and have fun with your ring!!! Please post pictures of your ring I want to see how it came out!



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    Why did you make it out of playdouh


    5 years ago


    This is awesome made a green lantern, red lantern, and black lantern. They turned out awesome

    Ya and ichigo is an Japanese name Japannese boy

    Ya when you fly

    Dude look at Golden's Lego mech it blows this ring out of the water

    Favorite and vote for me!!!!!


    5 years ago

    Dude when. I grow up I want to be like you

    I like it like a bosssss