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Introduction: Green Laser Subwoofer Tutorial

About: IM Cool =D
This tutorial will allow you to make a simple light show with any laser =D
with simple things you have at home.
Here is the video.. =D

Step 1: Youll Need a Subwoofer.

Any Home theater sub woofer will work great.
It needs to have a hole so air can escape.

Step 2: Youll Need a Mirror.

This mirror will be placed on top of the hole from where the air escapes.
Make sure its about the same size of the hole.

Step 3: Youll Also Need Tape.

Tape shall be use to hold the mirror Together.
Any tape is fine.

Step 4: Putting Together the Pieces

Place the mirror on the Hole of the Sub woofer.
Make sure theirs some room for the air to escape.

Step 5: Tape Mirror to Woofer.

Tape the Mirror at an angle, make sure theirs room for air to escape so the mirror can move.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Get a green laser some music with Bass and Have FUN!
BTW the steps are repeated in the video because its for the people that don't like to read and to show my buddies = )

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    If your talking about the song I wouldn't know = (

    Sorry if I sound stupid, but how do you do the laser part, because all I know is to tape a mirror to my sub-woofer. and can i put it in my van?

    5 replies

    i wouldnt recommend putting "music modified lighting equipment" in your vehicle. Here in the states (upstate NY) it could get you a 90 - 130 $ ticket per bass light (trust me i know)

    What?? You mean if you have lights on your subs you get tickets even if they are in your trunk and not visable?

    I think the lights he is refering to must be mounted in the actual car and visable from the outside? Because otherwise if you have shiny silver subs like mine, then even the stock trunk light will reflect of it and then could be classed as "music modified lighting equipment" lol

    correct, i had some bass lights in my rear window and it was $90 per light i had 3 in the back window and 2 under the car

    Well im pointing the Laser at the Mirror and since the mirror is moving from the air coming out of the port the laser reflection moves which causes the shape. and yeah i guess you can do it in your van.

    Oh please...people with no could try to combine 2 mirrors ar if you dont wanth to brake a mirror please use a mini CD or DVD trust me is much more resistent (and it let's more air pass) alsow combine 2-3 difrent color laser's positioned in a triangule or watherever position you wanth. if someone is gona try this thing please feedback :

    no offense , but this is a pretty dumb idea , 1 , ma sub is in a custom box ect and is tuned to about 50 to 140 hz , dumb idea to tape a mirror to the port , it already shakes windows and doors ect througout my house , what do u think it will do to the mirror and number 2 blocking the port alters the sound of the speaker , most subs are designed to be either ported or non ported .

    2 replies

    Well if it shakes windows then just point a laser at the windows. It should do about the same thing as this just not directly on the subwoofer.

    I like the show but I hate my music rattling caused by the mirror. any ways to stop it?

    2 replies

    i would get some foam or somthing to put around the edges of the mirror or air hole

    I would try taping the mirror to the actual subwoofer instead of putting it over the hole.

    Mine subwoofer brooked the glass O.o it is Hertz 220W not a good idea if you have a powerful subwoofer

    1 reply