Green Screen Under 25$

Introduction: Green Screen Under 25$

This green screen is under 25$ and works well.

Step 1: Aquire the Materials.

You will need:

(4) 5 Ft pvc pipes 3/4 in

(5) 1 inch tees (pvc)

(1) 90° Elbow 1 inch

(4) pvc end caps 1 inch

1 yard of green fabric (solid color)

Step 2: Cut Pvc Pipes

Cut 3 feet off of all of the pipes. take two of the two feet pipes and cut them in half. These will act as the stand legs. Keep the other two as the actual legs.

Step 3: Assemble Frame

Take the elbow pipe and put two of the three-foot PVC pipes and stick them in there. Put the other tees as shown in the picture. Take the two remaining tees and make two of the legs. The legs are assembled by the tee being upside down, put both 1-foot PVC pipes on either side and put the two-foot pipe on the top and put two end caps on the 1-foot pipes. put the two on the bottom of the frame in the tee. You can take one leg out, put the frame on its side and put the leg in the other tee for a shorter screen.

Step 4: Glue the Fabric to the Frame.

Glue the top and let it dry then glue the bottom and let dry. Now your green screen is ready for use! You can get different length pieces of pipe to make it taller/shorter.

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