Green Screen to Polaroid



Introduction: Green Screen to Polaroid

A quick and hopefully easy way to get green screen effects printed in an "old fashioned" polaroid or instax.

For this Instructable we will need a few things:

  • Green Screen app by Do Ink

  • iPhone or iPad (other devices will work with other apps, Green Screen is iOS only)

  • large green surface of some sort (other solid colors might work)

  • Instax polaroid style printer and app

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Step 1: Ready the Shot.

Find images to use for backgrounds. For the Triwizard tournament event at the library we selected images of Hogwarts. Save the images to the devices camera roll.

When it comes to setting up, position your subject in front of the green wall, but not too close that the green color is reflected on their clothing or skin. We have lights in our green screen room at the MakerSpace and we position the lights to eliminate shadows. One light on either side of the subject and one directly in front of them yields the best results.

Step 2: Take the Shot.

Using the Green Screen app, create a new project and tap the plus sign to add the background image. For our Triwizard event we created a Harry Potter album full of images.

Once everyone is in position take the shot by tapping the circle. If the image looks good be sure to save it!

Step 3: Printing!

To print the image to our Instax Share SP-2 be sure to turn it on by pressing the power button. While the printer is on it sends out a WiFi signal. On the iOS device go to settings and connect to the INSTAX WiFi network.

Now use the Instax Share app to select the image you'd like to print. Once you select an image in the app that you want to print it will give you a preview of what it will look like. If everything looks good tap "connect and print". It should only take a minute or less for the printer to spit out your completed picture!

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