Green Tricycle

The intention of “Green Tricycle” is to eliminate negative environmental impacts completely through skillful sensitive design, using friendly materials such as cardboard and wood. This cost-effective design additionally connects children with the natural environment while reducing the environmental damage that commercial tricycles may create.

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Step 1:

To make the tricycle the following supplies are needed:

-Many cardboard cartons together with a combined thickness of 15cm
-Electric Cutter
-2 Wooden wheels of 14 cm diameter and 3.5 cm thick
-A wheel diameter of 26 cm and 3.5 cm thick
-2 Wood sticks 15 cm long and 3.4 cm thick

Step 2:

How to do it?

-Draw the shape on a cardboard
-Each carton is connected to each other with white glue. On the top carton the figure is drawn to prepare it for cutting
-Cut the edges of all cartons with an electric cutter as well as the holes and then add add the wheels.
-Intercept wooden sticks that are set with wheels

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