Greenest Energy in the Earth - Vegetable Battery (MEDELIS BATTERY Green)



About: I love experiment...

I'll Show You - How deliver electric power in alternative ways - Greenest Energy in the Earth...
I named this (MEDELIS BATTERY green)
This battery generates electric power out of Vegetables (all kind of Vegetables, Fruits or Plants)
(MEDELIS BATTERY green) powerful and super basic...

Step 1: To Make the MEDELIS BATTERY you will need...

a piece of Magnesium & Copper metal + Vegetable, Fruit or Plant...

1. Push a piece Magnesium and Copper into Vegetable - Be sure you don’t let the Magnesium & Copper touch each other.

Magnesium (-)

Copper (+)

2. For a more visible effect (MEDELIS BATTERY) cells can be connected inseries to power an LED or other devices. (The series connection increases the voltage)

Power your DIY devices with - Greenest Energy in the Earth...



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