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Introduction: Greenhouse in a Jar

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I came up with this idea the moment I read green in the epilog contest page since I thought, what could be greener than a plant in a jar?
Basicly you simply modify a used plastic peanut butter jar to hold a plant of your choice.

The green aspect?
1. You have a plant and you are keeping it alive, thats what green is all about right?
2. You are reusing a plastic bottle so if 1 isn't green enough for you this should be.

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Now lets get on to the building

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Step 1: What You Need.

For every great project you will need different materials so here is what you will need for this project.

1. A jar of peanut butter
2. You will get here after you and some friends or family decides to eat all
3. You need some soil for the plant
4. Obviously you need the plant itself (i chose what i think is a jade)
5. Some rocks
6. Either a nail or a drill

Step 2: Prepping the Jar

Hopefully your jar is now empty of peanut butter, washed out and removed of labels.

So now with you drill or nail you must make four holes or more in the bottom (sorry i didn't get a pic), and then you need to make four holes in the side that are high enough to be above your planned soil level.

Your jar should now be ready for potting.

Step 3: Adding Your Soil and Drainage System.

Now you will need to install an drainage system and add the soil.

Firstly you will need to choose a good drainage system so that you don't drown your plant every time you water it. Two great drainage systems to choose from would be: a) a layer of rocks, or b) a coffee filter. both of these will allow water to drain, through the holes you put in the bottom, but they will not let the soil fall through.

Next just add soil in your jar and make sure it is not covering the air holes. After you added your soil to a reasonable depth pack it down so that it is firm, and then dig out a hole for your plant.

Step 4: Adding the Plant and Finishing Up

What you need to do first is to choose a suitable plant for your greenhouse display. I chose this jade but you could really choose anything you want, as long as it fits in your jar. You could also choose to plant seeds which takes longer but will allow you to put less soil depth.

Once you have you plant just plant it into the jar and run some water through the whole system to further pack down the dirt. Then screw on your lid and bask in the glory of you cool new greenhouse jar.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome Idea! Verymuch like a boidome. But easier to maintain. 5*


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi was just wondering if you put holes at the bottom and top, or just top? and why did u put holes at the top?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you could put holes in the top but i only put them in the sides and bottom. The holes that go in the sides or top would be used to give your plant some air.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    if you kept the jar completley air tight would the plant still stayalive because the water in the jar wont vapourize and theplant will re use the gases  in the jar ?

    very cool im going to do this becase i have a empty salsa jar ps nice ible


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm so glad someone did this. I would add a step though - on top of the pebbles, gravel, whatever, put a layer of activated charcoal, then the soil. Activated charcoal acts as a filter for the water, and you can get it inexpensive at pet stores, walmart, etc (it's used for fish tanks).

    you could put a lady bug or something in there to complete the co2 cycle. I had one named hercules


    11 years ago on Introduction


    A compliment.