Greenhouse to Dachshund to Motion Sensing Bug Killing Gattling Guns

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Well, I never quite know what to say on photo instructables, some how harder to write for then step by step instructables. 

Either way, check out the photos, they have lots of little captions and deserve a gander.  The green house is the star, I built it from plate glass collected from the local dump.  They were very kind saving it for me as it came in.  The wood came from various benefactors, leftover Reno supplies mostly.  The 4 corner posts were from an old play set we had in the backyard when we bought the house.  Windows and doors came from the dump as well.  The floor is 2'x2' concrete paving stones, these came after I had built the greenhouse, ironically they fit the floor perfectly like I had it planned to begin with!  The light is awesome, I really should take a picture of it at night.

We grow all sorts of things not normally possible so far north, tobacco, bamboo, tomatillos and the like.  Of course all the regular things grow just fine here with out a green house like tomatoes, basil, peas and carrots for the kids to snack on through the summer.  This year I have germinated coffee beans, who knows in 4-5 years I could be drinking coffee from the greenhouse!



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    sure, what would you like to know? Also what language are you translating from, might be easier if you try it in your native tounge


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Always nice to see someone growing flowers for food. I've yet to try squash/courgette/zucchini/cucumber flowers as I've been growing them for the fruit, but I started eating flowers ("Lemon Zest" Calendula) last year. I tried to start some Nasturtium too but the seeds never took. Probably too old.

    I'll probably plant an extra courgette/zucchini plant for its flowers next year.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great! Good on you! Keep on planting.... Greetings from New Zealand.