Greenwood Shower Rail

I was walking in the woods one day when I found a hornbeam fallen and sending up suckers, a lot of them and nas they were quite long I started thinking, what can I use a long piece of wood for ? I know ....a shower rail. Great Idea and well it was the wood was green and so was likely to distort rather a lot but waht the hec. Selecting a likely candidate from a coppice like group picked and angled cut (to drain water off the cut that is left made a small cut one side and a finishing cut on the other side so as not to tear the bark on the remaining stand,bole,stump. Carrying the branch home raised a quizzicle look or two but I guess I will survive.

On my return I stripped the bark off and gently de nibbeed the remaining wood so the curtain wouldn't catch and left it to air dry outside. It would have been an idea to leave the bark on so the wood dried slower an this may have prevented a longditudinal split that formed during drying, but I think the colour of the  wood woudl be affected and teh hornbeam has a beautiful white cream.

A sand once dry and as it is in a bathroom I varnished the piece before cutting.
A couple of small notches chased in the wall allowed a longer pice of wood to span the gap without visible fixings.
I used tiling adhesive to fix but the wood has continued to dry and this has cracked loose so some flexible replacement is waiting to happen.
My kids think it is really cool and ask when the shower curtain will appear. I feel it should be symapthetic but so far inspiration has stayed away so any suggestions for a genius bit of minimal green solution are warmly welcomed.

Hope you like it and hope you can let me know what you think. Watch this space.
Ther is an electrician due to sort ot the dodgy light fitting by the way. LOL



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