(3) Greeting Card Hack:

Introduction: (3) Greeting Card Hack:

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I purchased a Christmas card from a Hallmark store that was kind of neat in that it allowed me to record a 10 second message.

I opened the card, pushed a flimsy button, and a voice said, "Record your message at the tone".
So I did and an idea was born.

Sometimes you just need to leave a message at home where someone will find it, but alas, no paper or writing instruments

Oh, and you get a little music at the end of the message.

Step 1: Basic Parts:

One Greeting Card.
Radio Shack Normally Open Push Button Switches come in a pack of 4.

Step 2: Project Box:

This little Radio Shack wonder is 2x2x5 inches but any plastic box with a plastic top that is big enough can be used.

(I have stock in the company that makes them and it just went up again.)

Step 3: Parts Placement:

The parts you use need homes to live in. They need to be drilled.
1/4 inch bit for the switches (black and red).
7/64 inch bit for the speaker and microphone.
The rest of the holes come with the box as do the screws.
The box also comes with an aluminum lid that I saved out for use on something else maybe.
Mark the spot for the speaker with a sharp exacto by lightly scribing around the speaker.
Drill the holes for the speaker in some pattern you like inside the circle to let the sound out.
Drill the holes for the switches. Pre-mark the spots for the switches with the exacto blade.
After the holes are drilled install the Normally Open push button switches with the lock washer on the switch first under the lid rather than under the nut. That will lock tight the switch to the plastic real good and give a more flush fit to the switch on the top of the cover.

Step 4: Under Cover Parts Placement:

You would do well to solder all parts first before you use the Hot Glue.
See pictures for details.

Step 5: Extra Pictures:

These pictures might be helpful.

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    Using basic logic, these cards must be created & recorded on an assembly line. Does anyone know how to access the function calls & forage [hack] the (pre-recorded) memory location? Honestly, I covet the 30 sec memory space. Obtaining this information would be an extraordinary boon. : )

    Fingers crossed,



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Don't know myself, but I think the right tips can be gleaned here:



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I'm more of a creative (idea) type person and I don't have the mechanical or organizational skills to glean the concepts. However, I really appreciate a lead on the info. I'll see if a friend of mine--who has a background in electrical engineering--will take a look at it. Thanks again for the lead. : )


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    There is another ible I just this minute saw. It is just like what I did or so it looks on the panel. Just goes to show there is nothing new under the sun.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The buttons were placed like that because it was the shortest route to the switch positions on the circuit board.
    The other guy has a more technical application I think being usable by the child it was built for.
    Kudos to him. And an excelent job done.