Greeting Apple Script

Introduction: Greeting Apple Script

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This script will greet you every time you log on to your mac.

Step 1: The Code

1. Open Script Editor
2. Copy and paste the code below
set volume 7
say "Hello Name"
say "Welcome to your mac"
open location ""

3. Change where it says Name to your name.

Step 2: Base File

Now were going to make a base file for the script to run.
1. Open TextEdit and type in something like "Welcome" (what ever you want I wrote "name`s mac fool`s")
2. Make the font to 101 size
3. Save this file as base.html make sure it is html.

Step 3: Next

1.Open the HTML file that we just made (it should open with Safari).
2.Copy the address in the URL bar (main is file:///Users/anthonius/Desktop/Eletronica/Script/base.html)
3. go back to your code and paste the address in the space where it says open location
4. it should look like this
set volume 7 say "Hello name"
say "Welcome to your mac"
open location "file:///Users/anthonius/Desktop/Eletronica/Script/base.html"
5. Save the script as a app and close Script editor.

Step 4: Warnings

It is very important that you keep the two files that we made (html and app) or else the whole thing wont work.
also after you did step 3 don`t move your html to another place

Step 5: Test

Open the app that you made and click run.
it should had said "hello your name, welcome to your mac"
and opened the html file.

If it worked great if it did not than go back some steps you might had done something wrong.

Step 6: Last Step

Open System Preferences and click on accounts and to login items
click the plus and choose the app that we made.

Step 7: Done

Now every time you log in your mac will greet you.

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    3 years ago

    Huh interesting!

    I made one on my dad's Mac and made it say "Hello poop" to him everyday... LOL

    here is my password retriever for Mac :