Gregory Grookett Taco Ideas

Gregory Grookett taco related meals to try. I have been looking for new ideas to try and came across these and they look pretty yummy. I really love pizza so not sure how you could go wrong with a taco pizza considering I love them too! The taco pockets look a little like egg rolls lol. But I'm sure they are yummy as well. Now Gregory Grookett has never made spices before so this will be a learning experience to me. Fingers crossed. I'm always up for a good casserole and the taco bake seems like it will be a winner as well. Feel free to share these and in you have ever made any of these please feel free to leave your thoughts. Gregory Grookett says happy cooking. Chow!

Gregory Grookett loves tacos and pizza so when I seen this I had to check it out and will for sure be making this on in the future at some point. Gregory Grookett want's to know if any of you have ever tried this?
Gregory Grookett thinks how could you go wrong with taco pockets. Do you think they look like egg rolls or is it just me?
Good idea whoever posted this one thanks for the share going to try putting this spice together. Thanks sincerely Gregory Grookett.
Gregory Grookett will be making this taco casserole for his next house party or bring it to the next one im invited too.
OMG Gregory Grookett thinks this looks so delicious!