Gremlins Are Back!





from paper mache to hand sewing our costumes. everything made with the exception of our hands.

Step 1: Creating Our Heads!

several layers of paper mache on balloons. Need to be strong to support our ears and faces.

Step 2: Making the Faces!

We used plasticine and moulded the faces, then covered with saran wrap. This will prevent the paper mache from sticking to the plasticine. We popped the balloons and then cut out the front for the faces. The faces were added to the balloons by using paper mache. The plasticine was then pulled out after the heads dried

Step 3: Adding Ears to the Heads!

we cut cardboard out for the ears. glued and taped foam cut from lengths of pool noodles to create the definition for the ear tops and the viens in the front. This was all covered with several layers of paper mache. When these dried we used paper mache to attach to our heads.

Step 4: Creating the Eyes for the Gremlin Masks!

We used ping pong balls for our eyes. I used permanent marker to create the look of the eyes and then used a two part clear epoxy to create the glossy look. Once these were dry, we cut the ping pong balls in half and drilled holes in the eyes for us to see out of.

Step 5: Creating the One Piece Outfits!

We bought one piece pajamas at value village. These we took apart and used as our patterns. We searched everywhere and finally found the right material to make our skin out of. This we then had help sewing together by my mother in law. Velcro was added and an extension piece for extending our necks.

Step 6: Creating Our Sleeves and Hands!

Hands we purchased from Zehrs. We painted with red nail polish and spray paint. The sleeves we made from left over material. This worked to hide our skin completely.

Step 7: Painting the Masks!

The masked we painted using enamel based paint. I also used enamel spray paint. The teeth and the face spikes were created from old spiked biker style bracelets. I ground them down to look more real and spray painted to look like bone and old teeth. The hair was created from old wigs bought at goodwill and value village. We cut and glued to the heads

Step 8: Outer Attire!

The outer clothes we tried to match with the characters in the movies. We used items from home and those we bought from a used clothing store.

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    We tried to make them as real as possible. Lots of work and lots of fun too...thats what it's all about....thanks for your comment prayingmantisemilygrace...


    3 years ago

    Nice! These are great. They must have been so much fun to build together.


    3 years ago

    So many of my childhood nightmares were centered around Gremlins. Watching it now is laughable.

    I really like the easily approachable take you took on these costumes. They look great!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your comments. Gremlins were one of the best movies I remebere back on the day....scary then not so today. Especially with all the technology in films today. We love the old fun gore movies