Grey Dog Face Paint

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Canine fans everywhere will love learning to paint this beautiful boomer inspired by Josie Wolters from her 2011 book Just For Fun Faces 2.

Step 1: Video

First, you can watch the video on how I painted the design, either here or on YouTube using the following link:

Step 2: Basics

Now, here's a visual of the step by step process on painting this dog face. First, I used white (Mehron Paradise) to paint a base around the face, excluding the nose. This is because you're going to use black to fill it in. Then, I finished off with a layer of light grey from the AMC Walking Dead palette and Storm Cloud from Mehron Paradise to fill in the edges of my face.

Step 3: Black Features

Then, I used transparent black also from the AMC Walking Dead palette to fill in the eye sockets. Then, I used Black from Mehron Paradise to fill in the nose and add whisker holes, and lines on both corners of the mouth.

Step 4: Fur Effect

Then, I bounced from white to grey to black to add fur effects around the face.

Step 5: Final Touches

I finished off with a bow on the forehead made from Beach Berry and Black (from Mehron Paradise), and light golden brown on the lips (also from Mehron Paradise).

Step 6: Bow-Wow!

It's done and ready to go! Love the greys and the blacks, especially that pop out against the white. And the bow, just gives off that cute effect!



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