Grey Knight Space Marine


Introduction: Grey Knight Space Marine

My costume is a Grey knight Space Marine it stands 10 feet tall. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: EVA Foam

Use EVA Foam to create each item

Step 2: Paint Items

Paint each piece.

Step 3: Accessories

Create your detail pieces.

Step 4: Step 3 Have Fun With the Costume

Put Piece together and ware.



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    3 Discussions

    That looks awesome!!!

    That looks amazing! Do you have any pictures on how you made the various parts?

    1 reply

    Thank you,

    Yes, but too many to download. I spent all year making this costume and I have approximately 400 photos of how I built the costume. I am in the process of making a slide show and compressing the files to fit on the this post. I should be adding it by next week.