Grid Drawing [method] Screen Using 3D Printing and Cardboard




Introduction: Grid Drawing [method] Screen Using 3D Printing and Cardboard

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When we Child Draw using grid drawing method the only problem with it is to erase the drawn grid on the paper to solve this problem so I am made this grid using paper and strings also 3D printed we use two no. of grids To Solve this problem.

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Step 1: Materials

1.1mm cardboard

2. glue

3.Nails small

4. string

5.wood board

6.graph paper

Step 2: Make Using Cardboard

1.first taking a graph paper then mark the lines as shown in the photos.

2. glue the graph paper on the wood. the nails on the graph. the cardboard cut out on the graph.

5.wind the string around nails

6. apply glue on strings. the cardboard cutout on it.

8.cut the string from nails using a cutter or razor blade.

9.make ones again.

Step 3: 3D Printed Grid

print twice the file on the 3d printer with glass bed. settings are

1mm wall thickness.0.2 mm layer height

stl file is cut from bottom 1.75 mm to print and gcode file provided is already cut and 70mm/s speed.

Step 4: Testing With Kids

when asked who liked it.

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    That would be really useful for reference work!