Grill Restoration for My Brother

I wanted to buy a grill for my brother for his first house. But with limited funds, I settled for a used grill on Craigslist ($40). It was in pretty bad shape but I knew I could make it steak worthy!

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Step 1: Lots of Elbow Grease

First, I took the entire grill apart. Using Barkeepers Friend, I scrubbed every inch of the stainless steel and painted areas. I purchased new stainless bolts for the lid and side shelves (roughly $5). After a good cleaning and spray with the hose, I used high heat engine enamel on all painted parts that would not be in the direct line of fire. I could not salvage the gas burners, so I turned to google to find cheap replacements for the 4 heavily rusted burners ($22). Looking good so far!

Step 2: Ready for Steaks!

Final assembly, after the paint had cured and final shining of the stainless steal. I soaked the grill grates (not pictured) in a solution of dish soap and baking soda. I had to do this twice, they were that dirty. They came out looking new!

I took to grill outside and ran the burners on high for about 30 minutes to burn off any residual cleaner/soap/baking soda/elbow grease.

In the end, my brother was surprised and excited to have a beautiful, albeit used, new to him 4 burner stainless steal grill! New the grill costs between $250-$300. I spent around $75!

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Step 4:

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    WOW! terrific job, and terrific entry to this contest! Role Model! (how many of these get junked every year?)

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