Grilled Apricots, Melted Chocolate, Nuts and Fruits, Vanilla Icecream

Great summertime treat, use the grill for a chilling dessert during grill season

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Step 1: Assemble Toppings


3 apricots
handful of trail mix
1 standard size chocolate
vanilla ice cream

clean and cut apricots in half take out the seed. put other ingredients aside

Step 2: Grill Them "cots"

Step 3: Melt Chocolate

This requires some care, melting chocolate should happen slowly.

We use a light pan, cover in foil and drop in boiling water. The foil helps to reduce the direct heat to the chocolate

Keep and eye on the choco and stir occasionally, You'll need to time this right as you'll need to pour the chocolate on while still hot.

Step 4: Remove Cots

Take the Apricots off the grill --don't burn yourself! If done correctly, they should be just a bit softer and pretty warm to the touch. The smell is killa!

Now quickly get the cots over to the chocolate area --faster you've NO time to lose or all is lost! (ok, I'm being dramatic)

Step 5: Scoop Melted Chocolate Into Cot Pit

The apricot engineering team was smart to include a resposit area for melted chocolate --well done.

Using a spoon, scoop the chocolate into the apricot.

Any excess chocolate can go on ice cream (next step) or in your mouth.

Step 6: Arrange Cots and Add Ice Cream

Place apricots with Chocolate on plate, then add Vanilla icecream scoop (one is fine) in the middle) this is used for dipping the goodness into more goodness to make greatness

Done correctly, this should resemble a white mountain surrounded by 6 orange boats filled with chocolate.

Step 7: Sprinkle Trail Mix As Topping

Ok, now to get crrraaaaazy faces.

Sprinkle that trail mix we talked about earlier --when 'deploying' yell "Bam" or "Slam" to get attention of loved ones.

Done correctly, they'll all come over with "oohs and ahhhs"


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    i am going to go hyjack the kitchen


    13 years ago

    this is a great treat and a wonderful instructable