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Grilled cheese sandwiches are an all American classic. But you don't have to be American to enjoy this cheesy sandwich it's so simple, it can be enjoyed anywhere! It might not be the prettiest sandwich around, but I can promise you that although the sandwich doesn't look pretty, it tastes amazing! This inscrutable will show you a simple method to making a grilled cheese sandwich but of course this is entirely customizable! You can also watch the video tutorial here:

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Ingredients (2 sandwiches)

  • 4 Slices of Bread (your choice)
  • Butter
  • Sliced Cheddar Cheese


Step 2: Butter Bread & Grill

Preheat a large skillet on medium heat. Butter one side of one slice of bread and place the buttered side down onto the skillet.

Step 3: Add Cheese

Add sliced cheese on top of bread. Butter the other slice of bread and place the butter side up in top of the cheese. You can also add the cheese and top layer of the bread into the skillet all at once, I prefer to do it this way because it's a bit cleaner (don't have to touch the buttered bread side).

Step 4: Grill and Flip

Grill the bread until lightly brown and flip the sandwich over and grill until the cheese is melted. Do the same to the other side of the bread as well.

Step 5: Remove and Enjoy!

I prefer my grilled cheese a bit crispier so I leave it on the skillet just a bit longer. Once it's done it becomes nice and stretchy as you pull it apart. Enjoy this with some tomato soup as a dip and you will absolutely love it!

Step 6: Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video tutorial you can watch it here!



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    4 Discussions


    7 months ago on Step 2

    I love a good grilled cheese. I like to mix my cheeses, like smoked gouda and a mild cheddar. If you like extra crispy sandwiches, use mayonnaise instead of butter. I also like to sprinkle garlic powder on the mayo. It gives it that garlic bread taste!

    1 reply
    FOOD by Lydstmross4

    Reply 6 months ago

    Oh wow that sounds so interesting I never thought of using mayo let alone garlic powder but that is a must try for me.


    7 months ago

    I put shredded sharp cheddar on mine. As for mayo, yes indeed.

    1 reply
    FOOD by Lydsjon_chalk

    Reply 6 months ago

    I've never tried it with mayo before but maybe I'll give it a go sometime