Grilled Cheese 'Witch Fingers' With Tomato Rice 'Blood and Maggot' Soup

About: I run a little company that rebuilds old homes. When we aren't up to our elbows in demolition dust, I'm obsessed with recycling, crafting and cooking.

This is a fun way to present an old standby, grilled cheese sandwiches! They are incredibly easy to make, and will 'bewitch' your little ghouls and boils (er, girls and boys).  ;)

Cheese (we used colby, but the type doesn't really matter as long as it has some fat in it. Low fat cheeses have a hard time melting!)
small leftover piece of ham (for fingernails)
Campbell's Tomato Rice Soup
Paring Knife(optional)

1. Make your grilled cheese sandwiches. If you have never made that before (though I am sure most of you have) spread a thin layer of butter over two pieces of bread, and (buttered sides OUT) make your sandwich in the pan.  The pan should be on medium heat, and after a minute or so (when the first side is nicely browned) flip your sandwich to brown the other buttery side.
VOILÀ ! Grilled Cheeses.
2. Cut your sandwiches into thin 'fingers', with one end coming to a finger-like point. Add a small triangle of ham, or other lunch meat, as the fingernail. You can add 'finger knuckle wrinkles' (is that what they are called? lol) with a paring knife if desired.
3. Serve with Tomato rice soup - we use Campbell's, which is nice and thick and creamy (especially if you use a can of milk instead of water when preparing).
4. Try dipping your 'fingerlings' into the blood-thick soup. It is delicious! In a pinch, we will just dip in ketchup (well, my husband and offspring will, I won't!)

This is a fun way to get some food into your little monsters before sending them out to trick-or-treat the neighborhood! (Full bellies=less candy consumed before you can check it over!)

I apologize for the horrible picture quality - my camera is claiming to be dead. I am convinced I can revive it, pull a Frankenstein or something, but until then...web-cam pictures. Bleh! :D



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