Easy Grim Reaper

Intro: Easy Grim Reaper

This is the most easy and quick Halloween costume idea. :) i hope you like it. I used everything i had at my home.

It requires only 4 things

1. An Abaya,
2. A scarf
3. Black eye liner. i used the waterproof one
4. White face paint. ( you can make your own too)

Step 1: Making White Face Paint.

You can buy your own. I didn't had any face paint. so i I thought to make my own :) however this doesn't last very longer. It flakes off then dried.

You need

• 1 tsp diaper cream ( zinc oxide) i used Rashni
• 2 tsp corn flour/ corn starch ( dont use any other)
• 1 tsp water

Mix cream and flour.

Slowly add the water. your paint is ready

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

follow the pictures.
1.paint ur face white.
2.fill eyes black
3.outline black
4. fill the jaw bones black
5. once the white paint dry, draw lips and teeth.

Step 5:

dress. I am sorry I forgot to take full costume pic. but I can show u how it looks without paint. please buy water proof eyeliner so it don't ruin ur scarf. and white paint is easy washable.



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