Grimmjowkings Knex Machine Gun (GKKMG)




Introduction: Grimmjowkings Knex Machine Gun (GKKMG)

Hey guys. Havent posted anything in a while due to getting a job and studying for finals.  Without further ado I present my machine gun with a twist.  The twist is that instead of using a motor to rotate the chain a hand crank is used instead allowing for more power to be put in each shot.  Now for some pros and cons.

High ROF
Medium Range
Looks pretty cool

Occasionally jams

Step 1: The Mech

The way this mech works is by using 2 large "gears" placed at a ninety degree angle that when turned rotates the chains gear.

Step 2: The End

Hope yall like the concept and tell me what yall think in the comment section.



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