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Introduction: Gripping Threaded Rod

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This is a simple trick to hold threaded rod in the vise or in the lathe chuck.

Este es un simple truco para agarrar varilla roscada en la morsa o en el plato del torno.

Step 1: Step 1

You need one or two (depending on how you want to hold the rod) nuts of the same thread of your rod. On each nut make a cut as shown in the pictures.

I use brass nuts because brass don't slip on hardened steel jaws.

Solo necesitas una o dos (depende de como se quiera agarrar la varilla) tuercas de la misma rosca que la varilla. A cada tuerca se le hace un corte como el que se muestra en las fotos.

Yo utilizo tuercas de laton porque no resbalan sobre mordazas de acero templado.

Step 2: Step 2

When holding the rod in the vise, make sure the cut is pointing upwards or downwards.

Cuando se utilize una morsa, asegurese de que el corte apunte hacia arriba o hacia abajo.



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    Simple, easy and functional, very good, as a tradesman this is one I haven't come across before. Keep up the good work

    Oh I doube and triple nutted threaded rod as other do in jobsites , but I think I like this better. If you use a threaded rod coupling you have a really long grip device. Always a place for a few of them in a tool box

    Really nice. Well done.

    I either double nut the rod, or wrap it in a piece of leather. I keep an old boot tongue on my workbench for soft gripping items in vise jaws.

    Excellent. Thanks for posting this. I have tried, unsuccessfully several ways to stabilize threaded rod for cutting to size. Obviously, your approach is the way to go.

    1 reply

    muy buen truco, gracias por compartir :-)


    3 years ago

    that's pretty cool. I have always doubled or triple nutted the rod. Some of my equipment requires a draw rod and they're not always available preassembled (drilled with roll pin thru a nut.) Thanks for posting this,it will make my job much easier now.



    3 years ago

    Ha so obvious! Thanks

    Amazing rick :D

    Really cool because the vice can't ruin the thread!