Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper




This instructable shows you how to wrap gifts out of common paper bags.

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1. Remove the handles and cut the paper bag along the seam.  Next cut out the bottom of the bag to make a flat piece of paper.

2. Wrap your present so that the plain brown side will be the exterior of the gift. It helps to use the original folds of the bag to fold the paper over the edges of the gift.

3. Make a bow using ribbon or raffia. We chose raffia for a more natural look.

4. Write directly onto the paper instead of using a tag or card. Kids also like to participate and draw pictures on the paper.

5. If your paper bags have a lot of wrinkles, you can crumple and squeeze in a ball several times before wrapping for an overall wrinkle texture.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Grocery bags also make great packaging material for stuff to mail.
    I also love it's simple look for gift wraps.
    Another nice, simple, crafty thing you can do to minimally decorate it is to use some stamps on it.

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