Groom the Broom

Introduction: Groom the Broom

About: I love craft, specially recycling and creating low cost objects of daily use.

This project is inspired by a decorative piece I saw in a hotel. Here is the url of the hotel image:

For this project you need:

1. A waste broom that you used to clean your house.
2. Some paint and brush
3. An old unused bowl.
4. soil.

This is a super easy project and it proves that nothing is waste, Just follow these steps:

1. Cut the fibers of broom, paint them with any color of your choice (I used red color and some golden spray paint) and let them dry.
2. Pick a bowl which you don't use anymore.
3. Fill the bowl with slightly wet soil.
4. Arrange the painted pieces in the bowl by inserting them in soil.
5. If you have any leftover flowers, add them too around in the soil and let the soil dry.
After drying the pieces will fix firmly in the soil.
6. Show off your decorative piece on your table!

Enjoy  recycling.

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