Ground Pork Soup

Introduction: Ground Pork Soup

Ground Pork Soup is named Shizi Tou in Chinese, one of the most famous and delicious traditional dish in China history. Being created since Tang Dynasty (617-907), The Ground Pork Soup has always been the symbol of the best chef and will always be. The whole cooking process will cost two hours, however you will find it worthwhile when you eat it. In this particular instruction, I am going to prepare a Ground Pork Soup that will serve up to two people.

Step 1: Ingredients

to make Ground Pork Soup, we need this ingredients:

1.ground pork 300g.

3.napa cabbage:4 slices.

4.salt:½ spoon.

5.shallot: 1.

6.ginger: 1 piece.

7.tofu: 1 piece.

8.chicken soup.

9.egg whites.

10.starch 15g.

11. sesame oil.


1. One knife.

2. One boiler.

3. Three bowls.

tips: napa cabbage leaves with tenderer stem.

2.instead of cooking a real chicken soup, you can also buy a chicken broth from grocery stores.

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

1.put the ground pork into a bowl.

2.wash the napa cabbage, shallot and the ginger.

3.mince the ginger, tofu and the shallot (smaller pieces than the pork).

4.put the minced ginger and the shallot into hot water.

5.put the salt (½ cup), ground pork, hot water from step 4, and the minced tofu into a bowl, blend and mixed.

6.adding the egg white and continue to mix.

7. adding the starch and blend it clockwise.


1.if you use ginger powder, don’t use too much, ¼ spoon will be enough.

2.only use the white part from shallot.

3.the egg white can make the meatball sticker, drench it evenly into the meatball.

4.make sure you add the starch at the end of the step.

5.use a big bowl so you can mix the meat even more thoroughly.


the knife could cut yourself, be careful when you use it. Never try to catch a falling knife.

Step 3: Make the Meatball

1.rinse the cutting board and make sure the cutting board is fully dry.

2.spread the cutting board with small amount of oil.

3.put the mixture on the cutting board.

4.use both of your palms to make the meatball.


1.just a drizzle of sesame oil can prevent the meat from sticking on the board, but too much oil will make too loose to form a meatball.

2.before you make the meatball, you can shake and pad the meat, it will help the meatball stickier.

Step 4: Prepare to Cook

1.lay the cabbage(2 slices) on the bottom of the boiler.

2.put the meatball right on the cabbage.

3.adding the chicken soup into the boiler until it covers the meatball. two slices of cabbage on the meatball.


1.when you are doing the second step, make sure there is enough space between each meatball

Step 5: Final Step

1.use the high temperature to heat up the chicken soup.

2. turn the temperature to low, and let it stew for one hour and a half.

3. remove the oil carefully floating on the top of the soup.

4. ready to eat.


generally speaking, there are thousand ways to cook ground pork soup, you can mix the meatball with ground mushroom, carrot etc. The most difficult part for cooking this soup is you don't know how does it taste until you completely finish it. so repeatedly practice is important. once you learned how to cook it, you will be a truely great chinese food chef.

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