Ground Anchor for 4x4 Recovery




Introduction: Ground Anchor for 4x4 Recovery

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Not really sure this classifies as a survival instructable but here goes!

Step 1: Step One

First find an old sand anchor for a boat.
when you are stucked hammer said anchor into the ground and winch off it!
P.S I haven't tried this yet but it should be working!
if you break your anchor you could try and strengthen it or make a new one? but in the short time that I have decided to use this I have thought that you could weld a hammer guard on so that you don't smash up the end too bad (just a piece of flat steel plate on the hammery bit) and also grind the end a bit so you have a wider opening otherwise it will go into the ground at quite a sharp angle..

Other than that Happy four wheel driving and don't get stuck too badly ;-)

Step 2: One More Thing!

post some photos of your rig stuck in the comments
I want to see what everyone else has got.



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    this is my truck


    A plough anchor would be better you'll need about 25 feet of chain as well. That will minimize the snap-back danger. You will break the chain or cable before you break a plough anchor. The more you pull the deeper it bites into the ground. You may have to dig it out. The only damage I have ever seen to a plough is bending the shank when trying to pull it out. On a boat, we tie a backout bouy line to the back end of the plough to pull it out backwards.

    They are big and heavy but they weigh a lot less than a other truck.

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    Ah how much does such an anchor cost? The one I have I actually just sold.. Can't say I have ever seen an anchor like that before but they do look pretty tough, after you had winched yourself Out you could just winch that out of the ground from behind. Wonder if you could make one easy enough? Anyway thanks for the idea!

    This is a Danforth anchor, also known as a Fortress anchor. These aren't sand anchors, they're used for boats. :-)

    Now that you know the name(s), you can check prices.

    Oops, I responded to the wrong message. Haha, I meant to start a new thread. The anchor in the instructable is a Danforth/Fortress. The one above is a plough, as the poster said.

    Those work ok on an atv but a stuck truck will destroy it.

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    I regularly use similar anchors to secure 16 ton canal boats on rivers. It will hold the compartively minimal weight of a truck. The greater issue is properly securing the anchor to the ground, rather than mechanical failure.

    Ive seen more than one of these stuck in the front sheetmetal and glass of a truck when the blades give out under load. Holding a boat and pulling a truck is 2 completely different animals. When they let go under water they dont fly back into the bottom of the boat, air doesnt create that same resistance.

    Yea water use is probably what they are designed for... Haven't actually used it yet but I'll give it a crack next time I need to.
    (Which is hopefully never) but i think it should hold... If you had a dampener and things for the chain then it should be alright