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Just pimped my bike, successfully repainted the frame and assembled all its parts. This bike be my patient for experiment. I am new to repairing and tuning a bike and thanks to the internet for all the information and knowledge I needed.

A mountain bike is said had to survive without a kickstand. Placing a kickstand on it will be dangerous for mountain trekking if somehow the bumpy ride brings the stand down unexpectedly. There for, I do not put one on it. But so far I have not go trekking but riding it in town.

Well, I need one. I don't wanna lay it down on the floor and scratch my new paint (>_<) So I decided to make one, a very simple one to carry around.

Step 1: A Simple Piece of Wood

I still have plenty of remaining wood in my garage. I cut around 6" length and it has less than 2" width. Put it vertical and cut a "V" shape at the top side. Drill a hole for mounting bolt. Mine is 2" from the top and I am mounting it on the bottle cage mount holes.

Step 2: Stop Bit

Drill another hole about 2 millimeters deep at 6,5 centimeters from the first hole. You should measure your bottle mounting holes in case yours are different. I put a small broken bolt in the second hole. It should be smaller than the mounting hole. It is intended as a stop bit so that the stand will stay in the mounting place steadily.

Put a nut in the first through hole and a broken screw at the other hole. This side of wood will be facing the down tube, stick on the mounting holes. Put a screw at the first through hole, I use a longer one so that it is easy for me to twist with my fingers. I only need to twist few threads in the down tube to mount it steadily.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Then you can give it a finishing touch. I sprayed it with black paint, then I make some cuts on a piece of paper. It is an electrical "Ground" symbol. I painted it yellow, both sides, my favorite color as the bike is.

Now I can ride it to town and "Ground it on Earth" in the parking area. Unmount the stand. Set your pedal down, few degrees to the back of your bike and ground your bike stand with the "V" shape on the pedal spindle.

What can you say when an electronics hobbyist is riding on a bike? Grounded.



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    2 years ago

    The other thing you can do to stop your bike falling over, especially when it's leaning against a wall, is to give it a bike handbrake. You just need something to hold the back brake on and it will instantly become more stable. To do this, I use loop of paracord which is tied at the end of the left handlebar and has a loop on it which is just long enough to loop over the end of the brake lever and hold it on. Hope this makes sense! Works brilliantly! A spring in the loop is also good or make a loop from a thin bungee cord.

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, temporary this way, until we find a better innovation to the kickstand ;)


    Reply 2 years ago

    That is a cool idea. I am thinking of a new innovation of kickstand. Something like my Drive-In Bike Parking, something like stop -- kick -- park. Today's kickstand is okay for city bike, but not for mountain bike as I describe in the second paragraph :D

    I was thinking of hydraulic, digital/electronic, something cool, just hasn't find a way to accomplish. Anyway.. this problem keeps my brain working, thinking :D


    Reply 2 years ago

    As your concern is about a conventional kickstand coming down unexpectedly whilst riding, the low tech solution is maybe to design a clip which holds it up no matter what. As with my bike handbrake, which work easily and well, you could attach a loop of bungee cord to the frame to put over the bike stand when not in use and hold it in place. When you use the bike stand you simply flick it off.