Grow Lights From Bamboo Poles and Small Fluorescent Lights




Introduction: Grow Lights From Bamboo Poles and Small Fluorescent Lights

My daughter(11) and son (7) and I built two 48 inches by 48 inches raised beds. We filled the boxes with dirt, potting soil, old rotten veggies , coffee grounds(Good Source of Nitrogen and slugs don't like them - Thanks Local Starbucks ) and more dirt. has some more info on composting -

The focus of this Instructable is to show you how we built a simple light frame from bamboo and lights to help provide more light for those yummy veggies.

Step 1: What We Used

  • 5 ft Bamboo poles
  • 50000 Ft of Electrical tape (More or Less)
  • Lower power fluorescent ( this case three small ones)
  • 8 Million Ft of Twine (More or Less)
  • Power Strip
  • Folding Table
  • Good Source of Natural Light from a Southern Facing Window
  • Timer to turn on an off the lights.

The Gilligan look was all about 'HEY that's a really good price for so many sticks' ($4). Plus , It has a nice natural look. I'm a bit worried about using these in the actual garden as they are stained. I wonder if that will leech stuff into the dirt that the veggies may want share with us.

Next the twine ($1.50)was just the first roll of string we could find at a local store. Brown and all "twiney" also made this look the part.

Folding table with it's press wood and sticker laminate. Getting the 'Jungle Room' vive from down the street at bit in Memphis.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Basically, we lashed the pieces of bamboo together starting with two sets of X's bound by the twine almost in a V shape with enough overlap to allow the final stick to rest at the top.

Using the twine means that this 'rig' can be taken down and repositioned. Additionally, It's pretty flexible and you could actually slant the top stick to allow for various size plants.

My Generous use of twine and electrical tape is visible in the attached photos.

I power strip allows for a manual way to shutdown the power and to give a little bit of fault protection.

The wall timer .. well.. not there , yet. The one pictured is two prong and a single socket. Got a bit nervous with plugging too much into it.

So, basically , this thing works nights. Turn it off on the way to work and turn it on when I come home from work.



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    You should have no problem running all three lights off one timer module. Those modules are usually rated for 60W loads or more. Those lights look to be about 18W size, so you come in under the limit (18x3=54).

    1 reply

    Yeah, Go a little nuts with it and teh christmas tree.. so probably pretty safe. Thanks

    Your post on the raised bed was one of many that got me wanting to try a small raised bed planter, thingy. Mine not so pretty. Loved you Puppy Resort, too!

    man, I saw "Grow Lights From Bamboo Poles" and I thought u meant some type off glow in the dark bamboo XP well. this is good too :P

    3 replies

    Haha. I got the same impression. I was like "How the heck do you grow lights?" Good instructable though. It is the epitome of a proper instructable.

    Lol same, i thought he somehow managed to genetically change bamboo plants to grow lightbulbs inside them. "first you get an LED. after about 3 months your LED can grow into a floresent 15W to 20W depending on how well you've nurtured it."

    Irony being all ironic and all -- I was half way listening to show ( Not sure name or channel) about a Russian Scientist trying to discredit church beliefs against evolution.. by breeding humans with apes and chimps.. Must have bled into the 'The Island of Doctor Moreau' theme of these comments. Spooky.

    go to an aquarium store and look for ACTINIC fluorescent lights. its a blue spectrum, and its so good you can even grow corals with it.

    I like. I might actually do this for my room. I'll have to start a compost outside too.