Worlds Hottest Chilly Pickle From Your Own Garden .

Introduction: Worlds Hottest Chilly Pickle From Your Own Garden .

Want to grow plants during fall?
Here you can try growing plant anytime and anywhere.
Have a look.
From the manuring till the flowering and fruiting.
And... u later pluck the fruits and prepare a pickle!!


1, empty bucket
2. soil

Step 2: Preparing Manure

 Day 1

Collect all biodegradable kitchen waste like vegetable leftovers, fruits,etc.
Note :Do not use garlic and onion.

Put all the waste into a bucket and cover it with soil .
This avoids bad odor and flies.
The soil helps in decomposing the waste.

Do this for about a month or till the bucket is full , by daily adding waste and soil.
Cover the manure with a lid.

After the bucket is full..

Now mix the contents of the bucket well, by spreading the soil on a newspaper or a plastic .
Keep the mixture open on the newspaper for about a day.

Your manure is ready.

Step 3: Planting

Take a pot half filled with soil.
Now add the manure to it and mix it well.

Now place any plant you like to grow into the soil.
For example:
Basil, mint, chilly,seasonal flower,etc.

I have used basil and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion( indian name bhoot jhalukia) the hottest chilly.

Keep adding water to pot.

Place it in your balcony under the sun and enjoy nature in fall.

Step 4: Growth of Plant

The pictures show the plant growing.

As u can see we have achieved fruiting stage of the chilly.

Now lets use it.

Step 5: Your Homemade Super Chilly Pickle.

Now go to Your little garden and pluck the chilies(use scissors).
Note: Please wear gloves for protection.

1. Wash the chilies in running water.
2.Cut it into small pieces using scissors .
 3. Place them in a small dry glass jar.
4. Take a pan and heat oil in it( preferably mustard oil , even olive would do).
5. keep the oil aside and let it cool down till room temperature.
6. Now pour the oil into the glass jar containing the chilies and salt .

Your chilly pickle is ready

Step 6: Relish the Hotness in the Freeze.

Add one or two drops of the oil in your meals which you want to make deliciously hot and spicy.

The chilly has numerous medicinal values and will keep you warm and immune in the cold freezing winters.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing. I pickled some scotch bonnets (That I grew!) last year, using vinegar and salt, along with some garlic cloves. A teaspoon of the juice will clear the worst-stopped-up sinuses right up. I'd really like to try the moruga. It seems to make sense to use oil, since oil readily mixes with capsaicin, so I'll give it a shot sometime with oil. I've got too much olive oil, and need to use it up.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So, is this to make chili pickles or chili oil? (I was actually hoping it was pickles!) Is a very good instructable though!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    u cant eat its pickle trust me, so it is though a pickle but i will suggest u just use few drops of oil