Grow and Harvest Your Own Green Onions (Scallions), the Easy Way




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Green Onions otherwise known as Scallions are the hollow green leaves of Shallot, a variety of onion commonly used in South India. The green onions can be used in salads, cooked with other vegetables or used to make soup. They are also good for health as they contain antioxidants and more dietary fiber. You can very easily grow shallots at home and harvest green onions from time to time.

You do not require much space, use few empty water bottles or cool drink bottles as container for growing them at home.

Step 1: Make Holes in Plastic Bottles

  • Collect few empty cool drink bottles, the larger the better. Here I have used couple of 2 liter bottles
  • With a sharp knife make openings of about 3/4th inch in size. The holes need not be perfect. you can cut any shape possible. Space the openings about 1-1/2 to 2 inches apart all around the bottle
  • No need to cut and remove the piece of plastic from the opening. Just fold it inside the bottle
  • On top, where the curvature starts, cut all around leaving about half an inch, so that the top portion can be opened and closed

Step 2: Plant Shallots in the Openings

  • Fill the bottles with potting soil
  • Collect required number of shallots from the kitchen
  • Push the shallots through the holes in to the soil, keeping the growing tip out side.
  • Water from top so that the soil is completely soaked.

Step 3: Water and Watch the Scallions Grow

  • You can use adhesive tap to close the cut top portion (Optional)
  • Keep the bottles in open so that they receive minimum three to four hours sun light.
  • Water regularly, if needed twice daily.
  • you can see the greens started growing from the shallots after two days of planting
  • Within two to three weeks, the scallions are ready to harvest

Step 4: Harvest the Green Onions

  • Harvest the greens using a pair of scissors or knife
  • Remove any dried leaves
  • Keep watering the bottles and harvest the green onions from time to time

Enjoy your little garden in the bottles...



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6 Discussions


3 years ago on Introduction

Is it compulsory to close the top? I am planning to grow a radish/carrot in the bottle along with the spring onions it suggestible? in that case, I have to keep the top open ....

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

it is not necessary to keep the top closed. I have just kept it to prevent water evaporation. You can keep it open


3 years ago

Thanks for the instructable love the way they grow from the sides of the bottle.. Will definite try making this.

1 reply

3 years ago

This was a great instructable, but I am pretty sure green onions and shallots are completely different plants.

1 reply

thank you very much... Before posting this instructable, I have checked to make sure both are same. Please see this link here...