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Introduction: Grow Your Own Wheatgrass

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I got the idea to grow my own wheatgrass after buying a cat grass growing kit for my cat. Its pretty easy, grows well indoors and not a lot of supplies are needed.

Wheatgrass is a popular drink in juice bars or sold as powdered supplements at health food stores, but it can be rather expensive; this Instructable shows an easy and inexpensive alternative.

*Proponents of wheat grass make a lot of claims as to its nutritional benefits. Such as:
Wheatgrass is very is nutrient rich: 1lb of wheatgrass =23 lbs. of vegetables** (a great way to get your 3-5 servings of vegetables a day)
its detoxifying , prevents tooth decay
cancer and cardiovascular disease preventive
and is high in phyto nutrients, chlorophyl

I have no intention to promote or refute these claims this instructable will just show you how to grow the stuff.


**Meyerowitz, Steve (April 1999). "Nutrition in Grass", Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine: The Complete Guide to Using Grass Foods & Juices to Revitalize Your Health, 6th Edition, Book Publishing Company, 53. ISBN 1878736973.

Step 1: Materials:

Wheat seeds (also called wheatberries)- they can be found at grocery and health food stores or ordered online (I use Mumm's organic hard red winter wheat ordered *online cost ~$6 for 1kg(2,2lb)) can also use spring wheat


Growing tray with drainage holes- (I use an 8X4inch tray I got from a cat grass kit), you can get greenhouse trays from gardening shops, cafeteria trays, those plastic microwave diner containers, seedling containers (its better if it isn't very deep so you don't need as much soil to fill it)

soil, and/or compost, and/or vermiculite

clean container for soaking seeds, eg. mason jar

measuring spoon (tbsp.)

optional: clear plastic food container i.e.) berry container see picture if you are not sure what I mean, you may also need tape and scissors if you have to adjust size to fit growth tray.


scissors or knife for harvesting grass


Step 2: Step 2: Soak

soak ~2tbsp seeds in water for 8-12 hours at room temperature, I use a clean mason jar (or any other container you have on hand) to soak them in.

Make sure there is enough water to cover seeds and then some.

This amount of seeds is good for an 8X4inch tray so if using a different size tray adjust accordingly.

Step 3: Step 3: Prepare Growing Tray

a)clean growing tray with soap and water or if you would like; sterilize with bleach (1 part liquid bleach to 9 parts water)-rinse well.

b)Add ~1/2-1 inch of soil, compost or vermiculite or any combination of these three.

I've found the best growth using a mixture of compost and vermiculite.

Step 4: Step 4: Planting

a)water growth tray so soil is quite moist

b)drain water from the container soaking seeds

c)spread seeds evenly over the surface of growth tray so you have a single layer of seeds, make sure they are not bunched up -can be tricky since the seeds stick together when wet. Press down to ensure seeds make contact with soil and sprinkle some loose soil on top as well.

d)place in a bright spot near a window or outside, but not in direct sunlight. (Artificial light can be used as well).

e) (optional)To keep the soil moist during the early stages of growth you can use the clear plastic container like a greenhouse. Remove any labels and make sure its clean enough to let light through. You may need to cut and tape several together, as I have in order to accommodate the size of the growing tray. A clear plastic bag can be used as well. Poke holes in it to provide airflow and place over growing tray. It is also useful in keeping cats out because they will love to have some wheatgrass too.

Step 5: Step 5: Its Growing

Water daily and watch it grow!

You may need to adjust height of plastic cover as grass gets taller, by propping it up with something ie. I used Lego; this will lessen its effectiveness of keeping the moisture in but still good for keeping kitty out.

The rate of growth may vary somewhat depending on the amount of light, temperature, soil, etc. so you may want to experiment to see which works best for you.

Growth tips:

-liquid fertilizer or compost tea could be added to boost growth

-you could use less soil because you just need enough for short term growth since only the first growth is used, once the grass is cut for use it will grow back but has less nutritional value.

-you can also grow on just paper towels with no soil at all, just make sure it stays moist and doesn't dry out.

-if you don't water enough the grass starts to yellow and the blades thin -not very good for juicing

-if there is too much moisture mold can form on the soil. If this happens, when your harvesting make sure you cut higher on the grass blade or if you want to play it safe don't use it at all since mold can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Also sterilize the growth tray with bleach if you will be reusing it.

-to prevent mold from forming, water less, don't cover the growth tray with the plastic container, and/or place growth tray where there is more air flow, like an open window, also try adding more drainage holes

-once you know how long it takes for it to grow and how long it takes for you to consume you can stagger several trays so you have a continuous supply of wheatgrass.

-wheatgrass also looks very pretty, so if you find a nice ceramic or clay pot to grow it in, you could use it decoratively.

Step 6: Step 6: Harvest Time

Once it reaches about 7 inches in height it can be harvested. (Feel free to let it grow longer).

I just use a knife (scissors work too), grab a handful of grass and cut close to the roots (cut carefully we don't want to cut any fingers with it).

Just cut however much you need and let the rest continue to grow. The grass that you've cut will grow back but the second growth has much less nutritional value. Its best to use only the first growth for juicing. I usually give the rest to my cat to eat or just compost it.

Step 7: Step 7: Juicing

Wheatgrass is fibrous and indigestible by humans, so it must be juiced in order to be consumed.

Harvest, juice and consume immediately for best nutritional benefit.

Proponents of wheatgrass recommend one ounce glass of straight wheatgrass daily, first thing in the morning.

preparing juice

1. low budget method -chew blades of grass and spit out fibre

2. If you have a regular centrifugal juicer, use that (at a low speed); however, some of the live enzymes in the wheatgrass will be destroyed (denatured by the heat) hence losing nutritional value.

3. Get a wheatgrass (masticating) juicer they can be either manual with a hand crank or electric. These do not hurt those living enzymes.

The yield varies with the type of juicer you use. You may need to use a larger growth tray or have more trays growing at the same time to ensure an adequate supply of wheatgrass juice for your needs.

As a warning, if you haven't tried wheatgrass before, it is sickly sweet and tastes like grass, so I recommend blending with other fruits or vegetables

My recipes

wheatgrass juice
lemon juice (juice a few slices of lemon with the wheatgrass)
add water to fill an 8oz glass
-the tartness of the lemon helps counteract the sweetness of the wheatgrass

wheatgrass juice
carrot juice
This provides you with your greens and your beta-carotene all in one drink

Here are a few more:

ps: this is my first instructable let me know how I can improve



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According to my seed supplier the only difference between feed seed and certified seed is the label and the price. He insists there is no difference and I have found this to be true - $7.50 per 50 pound bag of feed seed or $1200 for a bag of certified seed - I have used both. I grow my wheat grass in an automatic hydroponic sprayer in the closet of my house, with an inlet water and outlet drain lines poked through small holes into the laundry room. I have 12 trays, 2" x 13". I use one tray per day. With no dirt I juice one tray each day, roots, seeds, grass and all - I use a hand crank juicer and get almost a cup of juice each day. The automatic sprouter sprays a fine water mist over the sprouting trays for 5 minutes, six times per day. I have my own water well so I have good water - no fluoride or chlorine. After juicing my daily harvest I remove the pulp from my hand crank juicer and simmer it up into a cup of wheat grass tea. I would not say any of it is delicious, but it is nutritious so I just do it. I tried chewing the wheat sprouts but it takes too long and tastes horrible. The juice is not delicious but not all that bad. You can survive very well on wheat grass juice - at $12.00 per 50 pounds, consuming 1/4 cup per day, you can be very healthy while being very poor for a long time. I purchased 5 gallon food grade buckets at Lowes to store my seeds in to keep the bugs out - I keep my daily working supply in a one gallon glass jar. For those who are interested, I have been told you can also sprout hemp plants in the sprouter although the manufacture claims that such sprouting is not authorized - I have no personal experience but this is what I have been told. I am a total vegan - no meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk or spiders and no booze. I weigh 143, 5'9", blood pressure 106/66, heart rate (at rest), 58. I am 74 YOA and challenge any person to keep up with me. I eat a lot of salads with home made dressing and lentils with brown rice and tomatoes and onions and garlic. No store bought canned or boxed garbage, or store bought salt poison, no sugar, no bread. I also eat rolled oats with raisins and honey (I have my own bee hive - come around and I'll introduce you to the Queen). I do not have a family doctor and have not been to such a villain for over 40 years! (Last time was a discharge physical in 1966). It is a given that I take no manner of medication! And absolutely NO kind of inoculations or vaccinations - flu shots or whatever - they will kill you! Infant inoculations are what causes SID - not malicious parents. If you have cancer it is because of what you eat - to cure it (and all maladies), changing what you eat! Cheers, I'm Eric, WhoRU??

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Hi Eric,

I'm Jerald. I'll be turning 54 next month and I'm tired of all the meds, doctor visits, and overall discomfort. I'm starting out with wheatgrass with other methods of juicing. After every piece of meat I eat, it's as if more energy is taken out of me. I also have been reading about spirulina. Is this the right path I'm on? Know better but do not know which way to start. Can you help

Hi Eric, im reading this now and its been 7 years from what your posting says. I am assuming you're well if your still alive at 81!

I thank you for the positive attitude you have instilled here on this site. I will follow your path as well, and fight the good fight with the same! If you have a blog, i would like to read and subscribe.

Good Luck everyone and be well.

Hello Eric, I also joined just to speak with you. I couldn't seem to send you a private message. I just want to say I hope you are still going strong. I think you are amazing and an inspiation as well. I'm sure I am not the only one that would love more info on your hydroponic wheat grass set up. God Bless You...Shanda

Hello Eric, My name is Roy. Just found the Instructibles web site and joined up. I've been looking for tips on growing wheat grass and want to set up an automatic system. I admire your diet and am envious of your health. I am trying an all raw diet but find it pretty hard and socially complicating. Though I've lived a rather "holistic" lifestyle, being vegetarian, vegan, even fruitarian for periods, I find myself burdened with health problems that I'm working to overcome. I would greatly appreciate any tips you might have on setting up a wheat grass grow op :) I can't tie into my plumbing so, am designing something with a pump and reservoir. Cheers!

world's first frutarian instructable...

I am Whitedove, 65 well 66 in a month, raised pretty much rot gut cheap food on food stamps. raised 4 on my own. A few car accidents and a bad spine and 100 pounds must come off. Problem is lathargic(tired) and pain. BUT been raw about 6 weeks, about 3-4 days a week, no regular bread in 6 months, meat maybe a subway one time a month. So I am starting.Went to the Rawspirit Festival in Presoctt, AZ this weekend awesome. A few ?? Is there any particlar food that helps with inflamation, My joints hurt and deep tissue damage over the years, I am sore all the time. Regular meds put me under the bed. Have morphine as a back up on bad days. 30 tablets 2 yrs ago and I have 15 left, so you see I don't rely on them. My mind is thinking right, my spirit is totally with the Lord. But the natural body needs any advice I can get my hands on. I admire what you have done. I will get there. I weighted myself a few days ago and have lost about 12 # this month so woo hoo. to keep my self in check. I am 278 #, what is great with all this junk my blood ## great sugar 81, Trigycerides 140 and b/p 120/70 I will write back to I am accountable to someone doing this life style, My hubbys is a trucker, with issues but just told him about "dave the raw trucker online. I f that guys can do it on the road, my hubby best start. Don't need a call from the law stating he drop dead.told him so to. I will lay hands on him, raise him and slap him. He needs to stop taking things for granted. this whole country needs a serious change.Even if is a few days a week well anyway thank for listen and will check what ever you send thank you and God bless you Whitedove

Hi Eric, I signed up to speak to you! You are amazing! I am just looking into making my own wheatgrass and purchasing a juicer. What a lifestyle change but I really want to be a vegan except I do want to eat eggs. I smile at your own hive. I was looking into purchasing a give me inspiration and I would like to continue asking you guestions if you don't mind!! Thanks, pam

Hi Pam, Eating eggs will prevent you from being a true vegan but will not make you a bad person. Although I am now 76 YOA, I am otherwise the same man I was when I wrote what I did about wheatgrass. If you have any questions just ring me up directly at

eggs and milk is not a meat product, why boycott those? not to mention they both are good for the body, as long as monsanto stays away from the milk, and you get eggs from a farm that does not do the production.

Thank you, Eric ...very inspiring to read about your regimen and the good results.

Good stuff Eric. That sounds like an awesome setup you are using. So each tray only needs 11 days to sprout and grow? and... What kind of lights does your setup use? Red/Blue LEDs? Fluorescents? Thanks.

Well, actually, you could probably press the juice sooner, maybe even in only 8 days. For light I use a fluorescent, with one single 15" tube, purchased at Lowe's as a light for garden or aquarium, for about $15.00, before Omoneybombthenation's inflationary give away scam.

wasn't there a problem with wheatgrass juice mixed with fruit juices-? something with the fruit acid which damages the wanted chlorophyll... we moved and sadly i'm not through the boxes yet and when i start planting it again for health benefit reasons for my family and friends ...

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I haven't heard that about fruit acid. Though once the wheatgrass reaches your stomach it mixes with your stomach acids, which are much stronger.

Ok. Again, I'm not too secure yet...

The gastric juices are inside the body, when you already swallowed all the good ingredients...


Better store some harvested grass than keep the pressed juice.

Ok. Again, I'm not too secure yet...

The gastric juices are inside the body, when you already swallowed all the good ingredients...


Better store some harvested grass than keep the pressed juice.

Ok. Again, I'm not too secure yet...

The gastric juices are inside the body, when you already swallowed all the good ingredients...


Better store some harvested grass than keep the pressed juice.

curious, many have said wheatgrass has helped them to keep their natural hair color ( not turn grey ) at 74 as this theory held true for you?

1 reply

It would be because of the copper in wheat grass. A trace mineral that many lack.

You would need a decent amount of good quality wheat grass or other good copper sources to reverse to original hair color.

Another possibility is colloidal copper.

Copper is good for a lot more.

And wheat grass and edible weeds contain many more vits&mins that many people lack today. Grocery greens and fruits are pretty much grown on mineral depleted soils. Even the animals we eat are malnutritioned.

Growing your own food is the way to go.