How to Grow Sunflowers

About: I'm fourteen and homeschooled in NC. I've always liked growing plants and bringing joy to others.I'am in two 4-H clubs.I have a meditation Instagram account called meditationnova .

You will be so proud and the envy of the neighborhood.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you plant any Sunflower seeds you need to prepare.It's always best to prepare an gardening area for the Sunflower.The area needs to be in a sunny spot with fertile soil.Fertile soil is black,so the blacker it is the more fertile the soil it is.If you have an compost you can mix that in with the soil.If you don't have a compost use fertilizer.Before you plant it in the bed you need to start it out in an pot.When you plant it in an pot it's easier to take care of,but once it reaches six inches in the pot ,plant it in the bed.If you want to plant them in a row the seeds should be two and a half feet apart.

Step 2: Plant-a Roo

Transplant your three plants from the pot to the bed and have fun watering and watching them grow up.Once the Sunflowers die you can take the dead bloom and take the seeds out or give it to the birds.What I'm doing with my bloom this year is entering it in the fair.



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