Growing a Garden With Out Much Space or Sun

I lack enough sun so I have built my garden on my fence using as many reused or found items as I have been able to.

Step 1: Starting Your Seeds

I have a patio that does not get enough sunlight for growing veggies, so I am growing my garden on my fence in containers. Many of the containers I am using are either recycled or found. I have also planted a number of my plants either from cuttings, kitchen scraps, or seeds I got from food.
I am still in the process of making this garden and will be updating it as I add on to it. I will be replanting my seedlings very soon into plastic bottles. I saw a new way to use empty soda bottles as planters and will be posting pics with them soon. I am also planing on adding a drip irrigation system as well.

Step 2: Starting My Seeds.

Here I planted a number of pepper seeds in recycled containers. I used cat food cans, jars, egg crates, and some found seed trays.

I added potting soil, added the seeds, and then watered them.

I have them placed in a shelf where it is warm and have a lamp on a timer.

I am using two salt lamps to help add a little heat.

Step 3: Planting Containers That I Have Up-cycled, Reused, or Found

Here are some photos of the containers I am using.

Everything in this step was found or reused. I am blessed to live near an open market that proves to be a great resource for finding containers for my garden.

I will be adding more photos of how I am repurposing plastic bottles for the garden.

Step 4: Using Plastic Bottles to Grow the Seedlings.

I have tried several shapes for growing the stage 2 seedlings, and I found that by far the best method is to grow them in a 1 liter bottle with a few holes for drainage in the bottom.

Step 5: Water Storage

I live in an area where we only have rain during certain times a year. To help increase my water efficiency I have been catching rain water and saving wash water from the sink to water my garden.

Step 6: Growing on the Ground

On the ground under my other plants I have a few planters with beans. They are placed under the other plants to catch the runoff. The sticks in the soil are to keep cats and other animals from sitting on the plants.

Step 7: Climbing Plants

Here are two passion fruit vines and two honey suckle plants. I made the climbing structures using bamboo left over from a temporary shade structure and some wood slats from a folding bed I found by a dumpster. The are held together with zip ties.

Step 8: ECT...

Here are some other plants I am growing from scraps and cuttings.



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