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Introduction: Growing in San Diego

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My Garden Journal

I live in San Diego, California so as most of the country can guess, I really don’t have a set gardening season, just times of the year where some things grow better or worse than others.

I use a 70-gallon compost tumbler and put all my grass clippings and kitchen vegetable wastes to use. Because of that I always tend to come up with various “volunteers ” in my garden each year.

The first surprise was my pumpkin plant that thinks it is going to take over the world. I am “training it” as best as I can right now but may end up having to curb its enthusiasm if it doesn’t learn.

So far I have bunches of huge vibrant orange male flowers but have only seen one female that looks like it has set.

Other things in the garden include a couple of red bell pepper plants (just going into flower). I’ve also started a few cucumbers from seeds and have hopes of them climbing this year to make a little more room. Tomatoes are a must in my garden and this year I have Juliet grape, some type of beefsteak, some type of Roma and a volunteer ‘mater plant or two. Even have a hard shelled gourd growing and last time I grew those was a couple of years ago.

Newbies in the garden this year include blueberry bushes , a couple of variety of fig trees and I am growing some MexicanPapaya from seeds.

This is the second year for my loquats and they seem to be going well from seeds.

The green seedless Thompson grapes started out strong and have been trimmed a time or two.

Orange and lemon seem to be a staple in this area and nothing better than stepping out the kitchen door and picking a fresh lemon when we’re grilling shrimp.

I also think that this is the year that I have out foxed the neighborhood cats. I ended up with a easy to erect and remove 3 foot fencing that has been keeping my raised beds from becoming the community litter box knock on wood).

I have to say that I am happy with what is happening, my composter is chugging along and the bees and the ladybugs don’t seem to have a care in the world in my little corner of the garden.

Thanks for stopping by.

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