Growing Organic Goji From Seed. Faire Pousser Les Graines De Goji Bio. Como Crecer Goji Organico.




About: I live in a forest garden by the sea in an old Celtic longhouse in the Baie de Mont Saint Michel, France, where we raise quail, rare breed chickens and pigeons organically. I was born in England, the furthes...

Sharing how I grew my goji plants, which hopefully will fruit this year. Starting some others from seed and hoping in future for a veritable feast of this interesting super food.
Comment faire pousser vos propres plantes de goji à partir des graines des baies bio.
Cómo hacer crecer plantas a partir de semillas de las bayas de goji orgánicos.




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    Ive used this same method for apple mango and lemon seeds. i just had to peel the outer layer of the lemon and mango seeds but it works great

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    Thanks for that! I've actually started mango in water, floating in a small container of it but it was difficult keeping the water at an even temperature and making sure they had enough - I had them on the mantelpiece over the wood cooker and they dried out too quickly. I've got some more mango seeds ready so will try the same way as with goji. Did your lemon tree come true from seed, (I know some of them revert to the wild stock) and will it fruit? I'd love a lemon tree! All the best from Normandie, Pavlovafowl aka Sue