Gryffindor House Badge

Introduction: Gryffindor House Badge

This instructable shows you how to make a gryffindor house badge.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and tools

To make this badge you need
Balsa wood
X-acto knife
Acrylic paint
Thin sharpie
Hot glue gun

Step 2: Design

First you need to find some images.

Step 3: Drawing

Then you need to draw your design, it can be any of the houses I just chose gryffindor because that is my favorite. You need to draw the design onto the balsa wood or print it out and cut around the print.

Step 4: Cutting

Once you have the outline cut it out with the x-acto knife.

Step 5: Drawing

Next you need to draw the rest of the crest on the balsa wood.

Step 6: Lion

I decided to add a 3-d element and cut out the lion and glued it on top. You can do this with any part or the crest. Just draw it on balsa wood and cut it out.

Step 7: Painting

Next you need to paint the emblem in the colors it is. Then draw lines with a sharpie.

Step 8: Gluing

Using a little bit of hot glue glue the lion onto the badge.

Step 9: Finished

You now have your own house badge to display or wear. Thanks for reading and please vote for me in the Harry Potter wizard costume.

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    Nice. This would make a great decoration for the common room.