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Introduction: Guanabana - Super Food Shake

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When I think of Super Foods, one fruit in particular comes to mind - Guanabana.

Guanabana is known by several names, such as: Soursop, Coração de Boi (Mozambique), Evo (Ewe, Volta Region, Ghana), Ekitafeeli (Uganda), Mtomoko (Swahili), Aluguntugui (Ga, Greater Accra Region, Ghana), Graviola (Brazilian Portuguese), Anona (European Portuguese), Graviolo (Esperanto), Corossol (French), Kowosòl (Haitian Creole), කටු අනෝදා (Katu Anoda) (Sinhalese), Sorsaka (Papiamento), Adunu (Acholi), Brazilian Pawpaw, Guyabano, Guanavana, Toge-banreisi, Durian Benggala, Durian Belanda, Nangka Blanda, ทุเรียนเทศ [turi:jen te:k] (Thai), Sirsak (Indonesia), Zuurzak (Dutch), Tomoko (Kiswahili), and Nangka Londa. -source - Wikipedia

I was introduced to Guanabana on my first journey through Costa Rica. While hiking through a lush rainforest, our guide stopped us and was anxious to tell us a story. His story started with a question, which was, "If I told you there was a cure for cancer, would you believe me?" He certainly had my attention. He proceeded to tell us about the benefits of Soursop and it's medicinal properties. He mentioned that this miracle fruit was 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy in reducing the effects of cancer in our bodies. 10 thousand times! Why had I not heard of this life saving wonder fruit? While that reason may never be known, I had to find more information. If you have read this far then I know you have some interest. I'll provide a few links below for you to investigate and form your own opinions. I'm going to go ahead and share my shake recipe and sources for finding this miracle fruit in the United States.


Well, I don't have cancer but that doesn't really mean much. I have a family history of cancer and I don't usually believe everything I hear. I live a healthy life with a lot of exercise, and have a decent diet so I'm not sure what benefits I am gaining by ingesting Graviola. It tastes good and I add other tasty and antioxidant foods to my shake so I believe it's a win-win situation.


Step 1: Finding ทุเรียนเทศ:

At first, finding Guanabana was not easy. It is a tropical fruit and proved to be quite exotic. I have never actually seen the whole fruit in person so I will be using google images to show you how interesting it is. My first search actually led me to Wal-Mart. Really, Wal-Mart? I was rather surprised because I didn't think that there was anything healthy associated with the super-chain. That is how short-minded I was. You can find healthy products everywhere you look, if you are looking. Amazon? Yep, it's there too. Well, how about local fresh fruit? Not so much. I live in Colorado and tropical plants do not survive well here. I've seen banana and avocado trees in greenhouses but they rarely fruit. Okay, expanding my search. I went to my local Mercado and, lo and behold, I found my miracle fruit. It was peeled, frozen and distributed by a company I am familiar with. YAY!

Guanabana Fruit fromAmazon, Wal-Mart

Guanabana Juice fromAmazon, Wal-Mart

Step 2: Guanabana Shake

Tools Required:

  • Blender
  • Knives
  • Cutting Board
  • Spatula
  • Drinking Glass


  • Guanabana - check your local Mercado
  • Organic Blueberries - readily available
  • Aloe - another Mercado item
  • Organic Yogurt - plain or vanilla works best
  • Strawberries - look for organic
  • Organic Banana
  • Powdered Coconut Water
  • Guanabana Juice

I have yet to find organic Guanabana or aloe, but the other ingredients are readily available.. There are many variations to this blend, just be sure to add the aloe gradually as it can be rather bitter. Always add to taste. I suggest using organic fruits when available.


  1. Remove the skin off of the aloe and banana then the leaves from the strawberries.
  2. Place your fruit into the blender.
  3. Add a little Coconut and Yogurt.
  4. A little more aloe to taste.
  5. A touch of juice.
  6. Blend - this is the fun part.
  7. Add whatever tastes good or what is left.
  8. Drink and stay healthy.
  9. Video Instructions

In Conclusion:

Like many "preventative medicines" or cure-alls, you may never see any results. What you do immediately receive is a tasty and healthy smoothie that has benefits all on its own. I can not guarantee that you will not contract diseases as there really has not been much research as to the long term effects of ingesting Guanabana. But for now...


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