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Introduction: Guardian Crows

My 9 years old girl ask me if I wanted to make a snow fortress. I said why not! I end up alone to finish it. We we're supposed to make two snowmen guarding the door but as I was by myself, I changed my mind. So I decided to sculp two big crows with long wings laying on the ground. To construct the wall, I used a box of acrylic 22"long x 15"wide x 5"high that I made. Luckily, the snow was sticky so it was easy to pill the blocks. It took me 2h to do it, two hours of fun. Next time, I'll do a giant hand holding my front yard tree. Enjoy!


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    they remind me of the flying creatures off of the original Beastmaster movie...pretty awesome

    It was very icy and very thick. I would've enjoy see someone participating in the art process with his foot. Ouch!


    I live in Quebec / Canada. We sure get a lot of snow down here. I remember 2 years ago, no joke! I'm 6 feet tall and the snow was a little bit more higher than me. The day when a made the fortress, it was a small falling snow.