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Introduction: Guess Who Costume

If you need an easy, fun, creative costume for your next Halloween party, this is the costume for you.

You can customize the costume however you want and be as creative as you would like. The costume is also a great idea for a couples costume or a family costume that leaves you the option of going solo without looking stupid.

Step 1: Thing You'll Need

* a piece of Polycarbonate about 50*60 cm (about 20*24") - you can use different materials such as cardboard but I recommend Polycarbonate because it light weight, easy to work with, comes in white and can get wet.

* some red/blue paint (spray paint or acrylic)

* an exacto knife/box cutter/scissors

* some string

*a bobby pin

* tape

* any accessories you want (try to choose things that stick out i.e: bow tie, big famed glasses, big earrings, fake mustaches). Try not to pile on to many, 2-4 should work .

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Cut the Polycarbonate to a size that is comfortable for you and works with the material you have. if you're using Polycarbonate or cardboard make sure the "tubes" are vertical, this will prevent the frame from bending in the middle.

Make sure that you make it big enough so that your face seem proportionate when you hang it on top of you and won't be a nuisance when you walk around (don't make it much wider than your shoulders). Remember to leave a frame about 10 cm/4" wide.

Save the inside of the frame and cut out a question mark from it for later. This is not necessary but adds a lot to the costume.

Step 3: Paint the Titles

As you can see in the pictures, my titles are in Hebrew. I made this costume for "the Jewish Halloween" know as Purim.

At the top It says "Guess who?" and at the bottom it says my name. You can choose to put you own name down or make up any name you would like, you could also choose a friend or family member's name and dress up as that person.

If you're using paint you can choose to do the title by hand but I recommend making a stencil to give it a better look. Print out the titles on any piece of paper using a font that seems like it would be in the game, cut out the letters using a box cutter or exacto knife and paint the titles using this stencil. If you're using spray paint make sure you cover everything around the title well, that stuff gets everywhere

Step 4: Prep the Frame

Once the paint is dry, cut a piece of string and attach it to the frame with tape as seen in the pictures. The string should be a little longer than the width of the fame so that you have enough to tape it and so it stays a little loose and hangs on you head.

You can tape and adjust as much as you like until it looks good. Try to tape the string so that your face is centered in the frame when its hanging on you head.

Place a bobby pin on the string and attach it to something you can wear on your head (a hat, a headband or an Alice band). You can also attach the bobby pin directly to you hair but it makes it harder to take the costume on an off when you want.

Step 5: Get Dressed

Put on a pair of plain pants and a blue/red shirt (make sure it matches the writing on your frame). use some tape to stick the question mark on you shirt (wrap some tape around itself with the sticky side out to get a sort of double sided tape).

Choose your accessories. I chose a bow tie, fake mustache and a hat, my girlfriend chose a pearl necklace, fake glasses and a bow on her hair. All these things cost us around 10-12 USD in total.

Put the frame on your head and you're ready to go.

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