Guest Bedroom Needs Some Assistance..

This room has become a catch all. We're lucky to be able to see the bed.  We have a homemade bedframe next to the window, in order to store comic book boxes... Yes.. 18 comic boxes.  We're in a townhouse w/o a lot of storage area.  It's home to decorations, toys, books, boxes, and our old gaming consoles.  How will it ever get organized? Help us, Ikea! 

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    4 years ago

    There's more room in here than it looks. The long wall is helpful. I think you could make it usable.

    I would turn the head of the bed against the window.

    On the wall where the head of bed is now, put high bookcases all along the wall (looks like at least 4 will fit?). I'd bolt them to the wall for stability.

    Then you can put the boxes of comic books on the shelves. Stacked all the way to the ceiling if needed.

    Can put the boxes that all match on the higher shelves, and mismatched boxes lower. Then it will look orderly.

    The VHS videos and shelf stuff, you could get some wicker baskets and put stuff in them.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Worked for me. Set a timer for 15 min. Start on the left side of the door, armed with "love it, donate and garbage" boxes and begin. When the alarm signals the 15 min. quit. Remove the garbage box and take it outside wherever you put your refuse. Repeat the following day. It didn't get there in one day and you will feel overwhelmed if you try to deal with it in one day, but 15min day, anyone can do. Have fun